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Selling out ecosystems for $20 per pelt

Dammit, we truly haven’t yet learned from our mistakes.  But, I really shouldn’t be surprised considering all of the examples that are hovering about the boundary that demarcates human and wildlife civilizations.  We are really striving to separate the two worlds and any interaction that just so happens to transpire is treated as a problem that requires immediate and often harsh, short-sighted quasi-solutions.  But it’s more than just an ill-conceived, antiquated wildlife management plan as we are hitting pay dirt and selling out ecosystems for $20 per coyote pelt.  I’m not sure about you, but I think I just skipped back in time…can you remind me what century this is?

Camilla Fox, a friend over at Project Coyote, recently brought this incredible photo and issue to my attention so go check out her  Huffington Post piece Kill for Cash ~ Coyotes Targeted in Nova Scotia’s “Pelt Incentive” Program and speak out against these practices.

Buffalo hides (1870)
Photo: Project Coyote
Scott Artis
Scott serves as Director of Development & Communications for Audubon Canyon Ranch (focusing on preservation, education and conservation science) and has almost fifteen years of experience spanning for-profit and nonprofit sectors in biotech, wildlife conservation and management, communications, and philanthropy. In addition to a strong track record in organizational growth and leadership, he is the founder of Urban Bird Foundation and Burrowing Owl Conservation Network, and presided over ECHO Fund, a coastal protection and restoration organization, as President for four years. Scott holds an M.A. in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Development and Policy, degrees in Micro & Molecular Biology and Environmental Sciences, and has complemented his studies with a Master's certificate in Environmental Resource Management.


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